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Enumerate Files

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My first posting to this site, thought I would contribute a UDF that seems pretty useful to me.

This enumerates all files in a directory (and subdirectories if desired). The depth of subfolders is limited to the number of files that can be open at once in AutoIt.

Also included is a function to resize an array on the fly.

Excuse all the comments but I prefer to do too much instead of too little! :ph34r:

; Description:      Enumerates all files in the specified folder and subfolders
;        (if required), along with size of all files
; Syntax:           EnumFiles( $folder, $recurse )
; Parameter(s):     $folder - Path to the folder to get files from
;        $recurse - 0 to exclude subfolders, 1 to include subfolders
; Requirement(s):   None
; Return Value(s):  On Success - Returns array containing files
;         array[0] contains number of files
;         array[array[0] + 1] contains size of all files
;                   On Failure - Returns 0 and sets @ERROR = -1
; Author(s):        Sean Hart (autoit@hartmail.ca)
; Note(s):          None
func EnumFiles ($folder, $recurse)
; Declare variables
    Dim $FileList [100], $curdir, $arraysize, $filesize, $curdir, $x, $search, $file

; Keep track of size of array
    $arraysize = 100

; Keep track of size of each file
    $filesize = 0

; Remember the current directory
    $curdir = @WorkingDir

; Check that the folder exists, otherwise return 0 and set errorlevel
    if not FileExists ($folder & "\") then
  SetError (-1)
  Return 0

; Change the directory to the specified folder
    FileChangeDir ($folder)

; Start searching the current folder for files & directories
    $search = FileFindFirstFile ("*.*")
    $file = FileFindNextFile ($search)

; While files are found, loop
    while @error = 0

    ; if a directory is found, process it as such
  if (StringInStr (FileGetAttrib ($file), "D")) then

  ; If recurse options is used and directory is not a root folder, process it
     if $recurse and ($file <> ".") and ($file <> "..") then

     ; Recursively call this function to return an array of files in the subfolder(s)
    $subfiles = EnumFiles ($folder & "\" & $file, 1)

     ; Check number of files returned, and resize array if required
    if $subfiles[0] + 2 > $arraysize then
     $arraysize = $arraysize + $subfiles[0] + 100
     ResizeArray ($FileList, $arraysize)

     ; Loop through array of files in subfolder and add to current file list
    for $x = 1 to $subfiles[0]

    ; If number of files reaches array size, resize it
     if $FileList[0] + 1 = $arraysize then
      $arraysize = $arraysize + 100
      ResizeArray ($FileList, $arraysize)

    ; Add 1 to number of files and add file to file list
     $FileList[0] = $FileList[0] + 1
     $FileList[$FileList[0]] = $subfiles[$x]

     ; Add size of subfolder to size of current file list
    $filesize = $filesize + $subfiles[$subfiles[0] + 1]

    ; If a file is found (not a directory), process it

  ; If number of files reaches array size, resize it
     if $FileList[0] + 1 = $arraysize then
    $arraysize = $arraysize + 100
    ResizeArray ($FileList, $arraysize)

  ; Add 1 to number of files
     $FileList[0] = $FileList[0] + 1

  ; Add full path to file to the file list
     $FileList[$FileList[0]] = $folder & "\" & $file

  ; Add size of file to the total file size
     $filesize = $filesize + FileGetSize ($file)

    ; Find next file
  $file = FileFindNextFile ($search)

; Close search handle
    FileClose ($search)

; Add size of all files to array
    $FileList[$FileList[0] + 1] = $filesize

; Change back to the original directory
    FileChangeDir ($curdir)

; Return array of files
    Return $FileList

; Description:      Resizes an array to the specified size
; Syntax:           ResizeArray( $array, $size )
; Parameter(s):     $array - Array to resize (array)
;        $size - New size of array (integer)
; Requirement(s):   array(0) must hold current size of array or position of last
;        value.
; Return Value(s):  none
; Author(s):        Sean Hart (autoit@hartmail.ca)
; Note(s):          If new size is smaller than old size, any entries beyond new
;        size will be lost.
func ResizeArray (ByRef $array, $size)
; Declare variables
    Dim $temparray[$size], $x, $numentries

; Find which size is bigger (old or new), figure out how many entries to copy
    if $array[0] > $size then
  $numentries = $size
  $numentries = $array[0]

; Loop through original array copying each entry to temporary array
    for $x = 0 to $numentries
  $temparray[$x] = $array[$x]

; Clear original array
    $array = 0

; Copy entire temporary array back to original array, so it takes on new diminension
    $array = $temparray

; Clear temporary array
    $temparray = 0

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