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Detect disc

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Hi everyone!

Is anyone know how I can made programm autodetect disc?

I meen detect inserting disc into CD-rom or removable disc into USB & skip floppy?


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Does DriveStatus() not do what you want?

DriveStatus ( "path" )

Return Value

Value ....... Interpretation

UNKNOWN ....... Drive may be unformatted (RAW).

READY ....... Typical of hard drives and drives that contain removable media.

NOTREADY ....... Typical of floppy and CD drives that do not contain media.

INVALID ....... May indicate the drive letter does not exist or that a mapped network drive is inaccessible.

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Hi I can't get it working

I want to exclude a floppy but include all other , the following code will only exclude the floppy when nog floppy is inserted

Func DriveInfo()

$DriveList = "|"

$drive_set1 = DriveGetDrive("ALL")

for $i = 1 to $drive_set1[0]

$DriveType = DriveGetType($drive_set1[$i]) ;

if $DriveType = "Fixed" or ($DriveType = "Removable" and $DriveStatus <> "NOTREADY") or $DriveType = "RAMDisk" then

$DriveStatus = DriveStatus($drive_set1[$i])

$drive_set1[$i] = StringUpper($drive_set1[$i])

$DriveList = $DriveList & $drive_set1[$i] & "|"

GUICtrlSetData ($List_d1,$DriveList,$drive_set1[1])




Could someone help me



Edited by Emiel Wieldraaijer

Best regards,Emiel Wieldraaijer

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