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run with parameter

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hi again

i have a gui that ask for username and password

i read the text enetered in some variables line

$usr = GUICtrlRead ($Input_1)

$pas = GUICtrlRead ($Input_2)

FileChangeDir ("c:\windows\system")

i run java with some paramweters ( in command line in windows i run something like C:\WINDOWS\system>java Jdhl -3 username password nula nula 1 )

in my script i must run with $pass instead of password and $usr instead of username . something like this

RunWait ("java.exe Jdhl -3 $user $pas nula nula 1" )

problem is that i cant get values of the variables in the command.

i also make something to check if

$usr = GUICtrlRead ($Input_1)

$pas = GUICtrlRead ($Input_2)

works, and it works fine

any ideas?

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