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I call pixelsearch(100,100,200,200,color)

The pixel to be found is located on 120,120.

1) Will it return?

a: [20,20]

b: [21,21]

c: [120,120]

I want to search 1 line of 50 pixels long:


-Or i use a loop and check 50 pixels individually for their collor.

2) Does this make a significant difference in exectution speed ?

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I call pixelsearch(100,100,200,200,color)

If your in doubt try this



If they return the same then [120,120] if not then you should be able to see what concept they are returning at

Start here if you are new Valuater's AutoIT 1-2-3Looking for an UDF - Look hereDo you need to do it twice - Autoit

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