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STREAP - STring REplace and APpend

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Hi Folks,

Here is a nice tool, not very complicated but useful.

The basic needs was to be able to manipulate quickly text files. This tool replace a given pattern by an other and if required

the result is added to an other file. This is very useful when you receive text files with the wrong column separator and on top you need

to concatenate the file with a previous one. I've made a lot of test and decided to use it in my job... And it works.

Of course if you want only to replace patterns without append the result, it's OK just do not fill up the "Target Field".

Of course if you decide to use this script and the script does not run as planed, just send me a mail and I'll try to help.

Enjoy scripting


See Code in the attached file below


FreeRiderHonour & Fidelity

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