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Help pls fast

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#include <File.au3>


Global $path=$dir



Func scan()

$a=_FileListToArray (@WorkingDir ,"*" , 2 )

If @error=4 Then;@error=4 dak nu gaseste foldere

$b=_FileListToArray(@WorkingDir , "*" , 1)

For $j=1 to $b[0]

FileWrite(@DesktopDir&"\lista.txt", $path&"\"&$b[$j]&@CRLF)



ElseIf @error=0 Then

For $i=1 to $a[0]







ok this is supposed to make a list of all the files in the c: dir but nothing happends except for the error recursion level overflowed???? why is that happening it's only supposed to recurse itself a couple of times at moast 20 i think :)

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Add some trace lines in there..

ConsoleWrite($path & @LF)

Or search for "Func dbg" and use that.

EDIT: Both requires a editor capturing ConsoleWrite. SciTE4Autoit3 (or scite in the scite subfolder of a resent installation) does.

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