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Querying registry for particular value


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I'm looking into ways to query a key within Windows's registry for a particular value, and then pop open a message box if that value exists (or doesn't). The reason for this is to provide a way for users to determine whether Microsoft's DST patch (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/timezone/dst2007.mspx) has been properly applied to their PC. I've got a patch management system running that will deploy the necessary patches, but I know that there are maybe 30-40 PCs out there that for whatever reason don't consistently get patches all the time.

I've done some searching on the site, but have yet to find a good starting point. I'm not asking for someone to spit out some code, but a point in the right direction would be highly appreciated if available! I'll be happy to post the code here once it's complete and verified to be working.

Thanks for all of the great resources here, I love this product!

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