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Search for an image in an area?


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Hey all,

Does anyone know if there is a function that allows you to search for an image (for example 3x3 pixles) inside a specified area?

I guess that it would be possible to use pixelchecksum to see if the image was there or not if you knew exactly where to look, but if you don't know the exact location it gets a bit harder.

I do of course know that it would be possible to script some while loops that checks all the possible locations inside the area and compare the checksum, but im afraid that it would be horribly horribly slow even for a small area search. Thats why I want to ask here first if there is a ready-made optimized function I can use. If there is not, do you think from experience that it a homemade search using pixelchecksum could work? It would need to be able to return an answerin maybye 100-200ms at most. To give an idea, say you need to match a 3x3 image to all possible locations in a 300x300 area. I have a fast dualcore to run the script on.

Any feedback is greatly welcome :)


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