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Working Rich Text Editor

Pa Callender

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It's been five hours in the making and here it is...

I present to you:

The FIRST Rich Text Editor that can do cool things like font alterations, etc. from within AutoIt (as far as I have seen).

Well... technically it's the IE HTML Editor, but it still works...

It's not complete, so don't expect a replacement for MS Word... yet :D


Go on, knock yourselves out :)

EDIT: The sample MS DHTML stuff can be found under "Sample DHTML"

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[size="4"]YOU SHALL NOT PARSE!![/size]
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I backed out of it as soon as it tried to install to install microsoft office. Bit rude without asking first....

What?? It never asked me to install MS Office... Strange...

It's the same editor that's used on the AutoIt forums as the Rich Text Editor. If it works there (turn it on in My Controls) then it should work in the editor.

The control actually has nothing to do with MS Office.

[size="4"]YOU SHALL NOT PARSE!![/size]
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