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GUICtrlCreatEdit problem :(

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i have a textarea, i want to make it readonly, and for it not to show the scrollbars, at the same time no border.

ive accomplished this using:

GUICtrlCreateEdit("my edit box", 16, 99, 246, 108, $ES_MULTILINE, $ES_READONLY)

BUT, now lets say the text goes so far doesn it reaches further than the height of the box, it doesnt allow me to view the text below it, if u highlight the text and drag your mouse down, the text doesnt not move, the text isnt scrollable without the scroll bar. This is only when i use MULTILINE, but cant find another way to do it :)

If anybody can help, id really appriciate it.


ok i guess there isnt goin to be any easy soution, so i was wondering if anybody knew how to make the textarea atleast automatically scroll down with the text, follow the lastline of text as it is added? thanks you

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