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Winactivate And Mouse Click....

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Anyone know what the deal is with the window you are activating receiving a mouseclick?

The situation is that when you switch back to the game window, in this case Lineage2, the character starts running off to the right. It's as if the game window receives a click on the right side of the screen upon activation.

This isn't a problem with AutoIt but seemingly just the way windows deals with the event of activating a window. It's driving me batty...

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You often run into strange problems like that in any fullscreen game. The problem stems from how the individual game detects mouse or keyboard input. I've encountered a similar issue in Raven Shield where clicking on the taskbar entry to re-activate the window would empty your gun (as in fire with a left click many times.) You might try alt-tabbing back into the application instead of clicking to re-activate it.

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Yea I tried both of those, the alt-tab had the same behaivor and the clicking in the screen worked not too bad but if you were moving then your character changes direction etc.

I don't think there is much I can do about it, just thought I'd throw it out there, ya never know.

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