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Safemode (boot)

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Restart in safemode

I know I can have the program to op msconfig, put the dot in safemode ok and then restart. Though I dont like this way because i dont know the title (english danish etc need a unique way to track this)


I use FileRead boot.ini... add the /safeboot:network Filewrite(boot2.ini) FileMove(boot2.ini, boot.ini)

I dont like any of those, because the first is hard to indentify, the other - well sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.. havent been able to say why

(And if any, though i doubt, know a way to autostart a program in safemode)

.... in case your want to know, auto virusscanner :whistle:

Start here if you are new Valuater's AutoIT 1-2-3Looking for an UDF - Look hereDo you need to do it twice - Autoit

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