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First script - OCR gamebot

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A while ago, I found out about AutoIt and tried to figure out what it would be useful for to me. Last night, I started working on a bot for a mmorpg. I wanted the bot to be able to autonavigate using some coordinates displayed on screen. The problem of OCR is complex and after a while of searching I found an example script by pingpong24. I knew that I needed something quick, dirty and precise. So inspired by pingpong24's idea, I coded my own version of it.

It works by taking an area of pixels and converting it into an array of strings. So:

" 7" on screen would be represented by something like (if 8 pixels high):








So instead of comparing a 2 dimensional array like in pingpong24's code, it compares it 1 whole column at a time.

(by comparing only 2 columns, i was able to detect any number in the font that the game was using.) I want to thank pingpong24 for posting his code. Any suggestions on mine? I know it restricted in use, but I wanted to post it so that other people that wanted to do something like me wouldn't have to spend many hours searching.

Would anybody know of a way to make it go faster? Does AutoIt v3 support binary strings? Can you grab an array of pixels from the screen instead of 1 pixel at a time? Thanks.



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