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Developing Autoit for the U3 Smart Drives


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They have a SDK to develop an app into a U3 capable app. U3 allows you to pu the entire app on a thumbdrive and run it from the thumbdrive, no footprint on a PC. Just plug the thumbdrive into any USB PC and off you go, never need to intall the app on any PC!

I have a U3 smartdrive and I have to admit, it's aweome! Being completely independant of any PC I use is quite a relief!

They have a SDK that you can register and d/l to try to make Autoit U3 capable.

U3 SDK Page

Anyone interested? I would but I'm tied up on a project now :whistle:

P.S. SCITE is U3 Capable. Seems a match made in heaven if Autoit is too. LOL

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Will be more than happy to see auto it packaged for U3 smart drive b/c i own two U3 drives :-)

I'm totally new to programming / autoit etc so can only dream about doing such jobs.

I found two links on subject on autoit forums, though useful but not fulfilling the requirement exactly.



Any way waiting for some expert to do it.

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Autoit allready is usb/movable disk ready. Download the ziped version, unpack and fire up scite for the scite sub folder. You could/should watch out for registry entries if you don't want to leave any traces (as in a portableapps application).

You can read more about it here and here.

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