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Retrive the controlID of an listview item

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Hi guys,

I'm very newby in autoit (to be honest I'm newby in any development language..) but I WANT to learn

to use autoit.

Well, I'm in trouble trying to retrive the ctrlID of a listview item.

I have a listview populated by an array. My script should shows only items which are related with

some search condition. The selection criteria came from a combo.

To do that I used the following code:


$param0 = GUICtrlRead($comboListviewC)


case $param0 = "code"

$param1 = 0

case $param0 = "firstname"

$param1 = 1

case $param0 = "lastname"

$param1 = 2

case $param0 = "address"

$param1 = 3

case $param0 = "city"

$param1 = 4

case $param0 = "codeC"

$param1 = 5

case $param0 = "phone"

$param1 = 6


$param2 = GUICtrlRead($searchInputC)

$param3 = GUICtrlRead($comboSearchConditionsC)

for $Q = 0 to UBound($arrayC)-1

$string = _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText($listviewC, $Q, $param1)


case $string = $param2

;do nothing

case $string <> $param2

_GUICtrlListViewSetItemSelState($listviewC, $Q, 1)




what happens is that the selected item will be deleted, and this is ok. My problem is that I cannot roll-back to

the previous state: I tried to recreate the entire listview without any result.

I mean that if I use the same code to recreate the listview this works fine, but the select code above does not delete always ALL items!!!

I need the possibility to show all the items again, reduce them whit any search condition and show all of them again..and again ..and again.

I know that the _GUICtrlListViewDeleteItemsSelected() probabily is not the right solution, but I dont find any way to have the controlID of any single item in the listview. Having that ctlrid I should use something like GUICtrlSetState(controlID, @GUI_HIDE)....

plase help me :whistle:

ps1 --sorry for my english;

ps2 --if you need any details you'll be welcome

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#2 ·  Posted (edited)


Does this example script do want you want to do ?

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

#include <GuiListView.au3>

Dim $Row[100], $ControlHandle[100]


Dim $Data[100] = ["R1C1|R1C2|R1C3","R2C1|R2C2|R2C3","R3C1|R3C2|R3C3"]

; Create GUI

GUICreate("listview items",220,250, 100,200)

$listview = GuiCtrlCreateListView ("col1 |col2|col3 ",10,10,200,150)

$buttonR2 = GuiCtrlCreateButton ("Display Row 2",10,170,80,20)

$buttonALL = GuiCtrlCreateButton ("Disaply ALL",120,170,80,20)

$ButtondeletR2 = GuiCtrlCreateButton ("Delete Row 2",120,200,80,20)



$msg = GuiGetMsg ()


Case $msg = $buttonR2

_GUICtrlListViewDeleteAllItems ($ListView)

; use either GuiCtrlCreateListViewItem or _GUICtrlListViewInsertItem(


$ControlHandle[1] = GuiCtrlCreateListViewItem($Data[1],$listview)


Case $msg = $buttonALL

_GUICtrlListViewDeleteAllItems ($ListView)

For $Row = 0 to 2

; use either GuiCtrlCreateListViewItem or _GUICtrlListViewInsertItem(


$ControlHandle[$Row] = GuiCtrlCreateListViewItem($Data[$Row],$listview)



Case $msg = $ButtondeletR2

_GUICtrlListViewDeleteItem ($listview,1)


Until $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

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Does this example script do want you want to do ?


YES it works :whistle::):lol:

thanks grazie mercì

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