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Edit box styles problem!


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i have my basic guictrlcreatedit box..it has scrollbars vertical and horizontal, is editable by the user and has a border, i need to remove the scrollbars, remove the border if possible (light blue default), and make it readonly.

ive tried a many ways, and im not to sure on how to use Bit functions :whistle:, altho i had a go at BitOr which didnt work for me

also when i have succeeded to an extent, i get problems such as the text box doesnt move up or down as it doesnt have scrollbars, it stays in one position to the other text is not viewable.

i know that must have been boring to read and i appologise but this is really bugging me!!!

any help/advise appriciated. thank you

EDIT: sorry posted in wrong section, ill post in other.

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Do a search for 'Koda' or 'Koda'.



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