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My first topic, EVER (lie)!

Is it possible to Send("") any key to a window in the background, without having to WinActivate("") and then WinWaitActive("").

Am learning AutoIt, trough making an .ini set of applications that will be used via the GUI. It's main purpose is to CTRL-S my code in PSPad, and then update my browsers (FF, IE & Opera), all just by hitting {"F8"}.

All this are easily configured, and works fine.

I have searched the Help-file, Forum etc for info on 'How to send keys to applications in the background, without having to bring them to the front first'.

The reason: I think it is a bit heartaching (but faster than myself doing it manually), to wait the 3-4 seconds it takes for my script execute my wish. So hopefully there is a swift way of doing that in just i Nano-second, that i am not yet aware of?

Cheers from a snowy Sweden


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EDIT: Tip! Read help file entry of a command (here Send). At the end there is always a list of related commands (here controlsend)

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