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Controls and Vista

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In Windows XP, control commands like ControlSend() would work without having the controlID as a parameter.

in example: ControlSend("my application","","","this is a test") would "work" in which it would send the string "this is a test" to my application with the window title "my application".

In Windows XP, I would often leave the controlID out as a paramter in the case there isn't a controlID (or that I cant find it). However, now that I have made the switch to Vista, the above command would no longer work - it seems that the controlID is a neccessary parameter now. Is there any way I bypass this? Perhaps through some OS security settings? Or is there a way to set a controlID to an application (I'm assuming the there isn't a controlID for my application, as AutoIt Window Info doesn't list a ControlID for my application).

EDIT: Oh, and to add more information to help troubleshoot my problem. I have tried both autoit and I have also tried compiling the script and running it as an administrator.

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