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how to know fan is on inside the laptop


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Hi Sifus

normally the fan turns on when the laptop cpu reach a temp ( that set by the manufacture)...

is there anyway to find the fan address in memory ( devices memory ) to know it on or not? because i cant open the laptop and somtimes the fan speed pretty slow that i cant feel the flow from the opening slots .

I saw in the forum there is a post about serial port application where it use the serial port to open the door...

wonder how i can find the address of the fan or it 's speed?

tx in advanced,

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hum well short answer is no... i dont think there's anyway to find the 'fans address in memory"...

if you mean find the exact memory location thats holds the numerical value for how fast your fan should run and at what temperature then...no agian :whistle: cuase its most likley in the bios/cmos data and well autoit just wanst ment for that kidna of stuff (and not really that programically accessable in general).

Now SOME high tech motherboards and graphics cards do let you control the voltage and such to the fans via a win32 app but thats kinda uncommon from whawt i've seen and its really not idea to do such things in auto it anyways unless they give a nice api/dll for it....

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A lot of manufacturers use a specific port to monitor in BIOS and there are utilities that can read fan speed and temperature, even in Windows, but the details are often different, even between differing models by the same manufacturer. At least give us the make and model number of your laptop so we can take a stab at helping with specifics. Alternatively, you may wish to disassemble the BIOS code and find the address that way. :whistle:

If you are concerned about your fan not working, I strongly suggest you have it replaced - a small price to pay compared to one cooked doorstop!

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