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Autoit V3.0.102 Released

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AutoIt v3.0.102 has been released.

Download: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.php


Web Version:


Text Version:

4th Aug, 2004 - v3.0.102

Major Change: Colors now default to the standard RGB format rather than the previous BGR format. This affects PixelSearch() and PixelGetColor().

The "ColorMode" option has been added to allow old scripts to run with the old BGR mode, just

place this line at the top of your script to use the old method, e.g.:

Opt("ColorMode", 1)

If you use color functions in your code you MUST take notice of the above change and either change the colors in your code OR add the Opt ColorMode option as shown above. This especially affects BOTs and code that interacts with games.

Added: DriveMapAdd(), DriveMapDel() and DriveMapGet()



Added: FileGetShortcut()

Added: Predefined $CmdLineRaw variable now holds the original command line in full

Added: @DesktopDepth

Added: ReDim

Added: More command line params for Aut2Exe.exe: /nodecompile and /comp 0-4 (compression level, 4=best)

Added: Process ID (PID) support for Process...() and Run() functions

Added: ProcessSetPriority()

Added: Decompiler (Exe2Aut) added

Added: PixelChecksum()

Added: Strings starting with "0x" are converted from hex when used numerically

Added: MouseWheel()

Added: RegEnumKey() and RegEnumVal()

Added: FileRecycleEmpty()

Changed: TimerStart() renamed to TimerInit(). TimerStop() renamed to TimerDiff()

Changed: FileSelectFolder() flag parameter changed

Changed: REG_MULTI_SZ values in Reg...() functions allow double NULL values

Changed: BirOr(), BitAnd() and BitXOR() take up to 255 parameters

Changed: Icon and windowstate options added to FileCreateShortcut()

Changed: RunAsSet() supports extra profile handling options

Changed: RegWrite() now accepts just the keyname in order to create a keyname with no value

Changed: "Allow Decompilation" option added to Aut2Exe

Changed: Aut2Exe gives feedback during compilation and gives the option to abort

Changed: Compiled scripts run/extract much faster when using FileInstall and medium/large files

Changed: Max number of user function limits removed

Changed: Max number of variable limits removed

Changed: -1 does no sleep at all for Send/Mouse delays (SendKeyDelay, etc...)

Changed: Optional occurance parameter added to StringInStr()

Changed: Optional default filename added to FileOpenDialog() and FileSaveDialog()

Changed: Registry functions accept 4 letters keys (HKLM instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, etc.)

Changed: Remote registry keys are accepted in the form "\\computername\key\subkey"

Changed: AutoItSetOption returns the previous setting

Fixed: FileGetSize() works on >2GB files and in-use files

Fixed: The expression: If "non-blank" And 1 - now evaluates as true

Fixed: ToolTip() when the mouse is near the bottom of the screen

Fixed: StringIsDigit()

Fixed: Process...() functions under NT4 unable to see certain processes

Fixed: Some keywords incorrectly allowed after a THEN keyword

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