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Problem with Run(sub-script.exe) and Window Focus

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This is difficult to describe...

The main.exe does not have a problem activating a window and it doesn't matter if the window is covered up by another or minimized.

The sub-script.exe that is invoked via the Run() command is not able to activate or set the focus of the window.

I think the sub-script.exe needs so type of Do...While loop that will keep the window activated and in focus.

The sub-script.exe is a count-down timer...Using WinSetState(), WinActivate() , ControlFocus(), ControlCommand(), and ControlClick(). Sub-script.exe takes one argument, 1 or 2 digt number, representing minutes. I use math operators to achieve segmented posting of the remaining time in an edit box on the window that I'm having trouble with. I do not want the main.exe to be paused by the operation of a timer.

Is there a limitation that a window can not be operated by more than one compiled AutoIT script?

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