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Connecting to PostgreSQL

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Hi Guys,

I have searched your forum for my answer and found a couple of helpful topics but none actually answers my problem.

I have a PostgreSQL database on another computer and I am trying to access it across the network. I have setup the following in AutoIT:


Local $oRS

Local $oConn

$line = 2

$GameNumber = ... number of current game ...

$PlayerID = ... name of player ...

; Open Access DB Connection

$oConn = ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection")

$oRS = ObjCreate("ADODB.Recordset")

;$oConn.Open ("Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=C:\Poker\ptrack.mdb")

;$oConn.Open ("DRIVER={PostgreSQL};SERVER=IP address of server;DATABASE=PokerTracker;USER=postgres;PASSWORD=password;PORT=5432;")

$oConn.Open ("ODBC;DRIVER={PostgreSQL};SERVER=IP address of server;DATABASE=PokerTracker;Uid=postgres;Pwd=password;PORT=5432;") ; error appears to be on this line!!!

;Getting Players for current session - Includes VPIP

$oRS.Open ("SELECT game.table_name, game_players.player_id, (SELECT players.screen_name from players where game_players.player_id = players.player_id) AS screen_name, game_players.seat_number, game_players.session_id, (SELECT vol_saw_flop/total_hands AS VPIP FROM session WHERE game_players.session_id=session.session_id AND session.player_id=game_players.player_id) AS VPIP FROM game, game_players WHERE (((game.game_number)=" & $GameNumber & ") AND ((game_players.game_id)=[game].[game_id]))", $oConn, 1, 3)


For $iIndex = 1 To $oRS.RecordCount

;If $oRS.Fields ("ScreenName").value = $PlayerID Then

$TableName = $oRS.Fields ("table_name").value

$PlayersID = $oRS.Fields ("player_id").value

$ScreenName = $oRS.Fields ("screen_name").value

$SeatNumber = $oRS.Fields ("seat_number").value

$SessionID = $oRS.Fields ("session_id").value

$VPIP = Round($oRS.Fields ("VPIP").value * 100, 0) & "%"




MsgBox(1, "", "Table Name = " & $TableName & " Players ID = " & $PLayersID & " Screen Name = " & $ScreenName & " SeatNumber = " & $SeatNumber & " Session ID = " & $SessionID & " VPIP = "& $VPIP)


$oConn = 0


I had this working perfectly with Microsoft Access on the local machine but the database got too large and queries took too long. I converted the database to Postgres and it all works fine on the remote computer. The problem is I am trying to convert my AutoIT script to support the PostgreSQL. I have installed the ODBC driver for PostgreSQL on the local computer and had taken the format of the ODBC connection from a sample script incorporating it in to my Access Script format.

The popup msgbox error I am getting is: The requested action with this object has failed.

My question to you guys is have I gone about writing the script above correctly? Or can you suggest some chnages that may make it work?

I would very much appreciate your help...

Have a great weekend guys...



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Yes, the error appears on this line... the establishment of the ODBC connection.

$oConn.Open ("ODBC;DRIVER={PostgreSQL};SERVER=IP address of server;DATABASE=PokerTracker;Uid=postgres;Pwd=password;PORT=5432;")



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