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HotKeySet and binding {LALT}

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I love AutoIt and have been using it for all my automation needs, but one function is escaping me. I recently picked up an old classic IBM keyboard for nostalgia purposes, however this keyboard is missing the windows key, and even though CTRL+ESC can partially duplicate it, there are many shortcuts that I can't live without (WIN+R, WIN+E, and now WIN+TAB in vista). The LALT key on my keyboard is right about where the WIN key would be on most keyboards, and I want to sacrifice it's functionality (I still have RALT) and turn it into a WIN key. But the only way I know how to bind hotkeys in AutoIt is HotKeySet, which seems to forbid binding to either of those keys.

Autohotkey allows it with a simple LALT=WIN, but I don't want to use two automation programs, and would preffer to use AutoIt.

Can anyone think of a way that the LALT key can be used as a WIN key, with no pass through of LALT? Any help is appreciated. :whistle:

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