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Access GUI items in a SysListView

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I've tried searching the forums and can't find this type of issue addressed. I'm working with an applet that uses a SysListView for modifying configuration settings. The first column contains the setting description. The second column has a ComboBox that drops down to allow you to change the settings.

I can read the text in the either column using _GUICtrlListViewGetItemText. The text for the 2nd column will contain whatever the value in the listbox currently is. However, I need to be able to see what values the combobox contains. While each row in the Listview contains a ComboBox, each combobox reports the Same control ID and the same ClassNameNN.

Does anyone have any hints for working with GUI items contained in a ListView?


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Need some more info for give help:

- what application it is?

- some screenshots with AU3Info?

Definitely look at Auto3Lib from PaulIA


The application is the control panel applet for a video graphics card.

Attached are two screen caps, the first shows the information for the SysListView, the second has the ComboBox selected. Each row contains a combobox in the second column, and each combobox has the same description, ControlID 1, ComboBox2.

I installed and am using some of the methods from the Auto3Lib for dealing with ListBoxes, but I still can't determine how to interact with the combo box.



Posted Image

Posted Image


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When Combo for all rows has the same control ID then no problem.

Look at GuiCombo.au3 in Include directory and use:




_GUICtrlComboGetLBText or _GUICtrlComboGetList

_GUICtrlComboSelectString or _GUICtrlComboSetCurSel


Or maybe better is to use ControlCommand() and it's commands for ComboBox, see HelpFile


I think ControlCommand() is the only right solution as you need to control ComboBox in external application

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