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MTGO Trading Bot

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This post is for those out there who know what MTGO is :whistle: ( Magic the Gathering Online ) As you know that this is a TCG (trading card game) where you can write your own bot for the purpose of cards trading. Altough WOTC (Wizards of the Coast) does not "support" it, it is still the easiest way to sell your precious cards while you are at work. The only possible way when you are "away from keyboard" indeed :)

I have started learning AutoIT to write a script for a bot. I have heard from somewhere that the majority of the Bot makers make use of AutoIT for this purpose.

Now i wonder what technique is majorly used to track down which card a client selects in the :Trade Window: of MTGO ... My aim is to identify each card a client of my own selected (as text) and write its "cost" to the chat panel. The hardest part is as you may know getting card's image and "process" it to get (textual) information

:Both of the techniques Below make use of pixelchecksum of autoit at first hand(to the region where card is put into when it is selected by client:

So far i have come up with 2 techniques to get the information out of cards in buy panel :

1 - Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

2 - Using GetTooltipText or something like that (which is libraried with Auto3Lib ) somehow there seems to be a problem when my client wants to buy more than ONE of the same card (as you may know that when you press a card twice in the trade window (to buy more than 1) it adds to the existing card picture in the Buy panel and the only difference is that there is a yellow text in the middle of the card "2", "3" etc according to the quantity he/she rises. So this comes to a point where i need to "optically" know the quantity of each card in Buy panel. Or maybe there is another technique which i dont know.

Any help will be appreciated and i will chose a path according to the suggestions given here and i think i learned enough to get grip of how things will shape should one technique be chosen.

The only concern is time and it will always be so :lol:

Notes on the capability of the bot i want to script :

1 - It will be different than YatBot (YatBot can not handle card-by-card-pricing automation, that is, it can only trade x-cards-for-x-tickets) In other words my bot will maintain a database of all the prices (i had already set in a txt file or sorts) for each card and will give its price in chat when its chosen (clicked) by client in trade window while trading.

2 - It will be similar to MagicTradersBot, ccgbot, urza's shop, allrebecca, alljessica .... so you know how they work dont you ? :)

If i only knew which technique those pro. bots use out there ... <--- my question in short-terms :(

You can also email bcbeyhan@gmail.com with the ideas/information which will be highly appreciated...

Thanks in advance.

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Have you found any information?

I'm interested in this too

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