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Random joke downloader and dumb suitcase game

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The first script is a random joke downloader:

It always downloads a joke then pops up its tray icon when finished.Left click to pop up the joke and right to close it.

The second is a lame game:

Add the number of cases you want to play with then there you go.



My programs:[topic="40019"]Sudoku[/topic], [topic="41258"]Suitcase game & Random jokes[/topic], [topic="41641"]8 Queens[/topic], [topic="41679"]Puzzle Generator[/topic], [topic="42045"]Snake[/topic]My UDFs:[topic="41309"]Prime functions & Prime game[/topic]Other:Fake emailer

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I like the joke thing :whistle:

The jokes really aren't that bad :)

The suitcase game is a little weird, but its pretty cool

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