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[udf] _drivemapenum

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In the absence of a built-in DriveMapEnum, here's a little something to fill the gap

Dim $s, $i

; Usage example
$s = _DriveMapEnum()
MsgBox(4096,'debug:' , '$s:' & $s[0]);### Debug MSGBOX 
For $i = 1 To $s[0] Step 2
   MsgBox(4096,'debug:' , $s[$i] & " - " & $s[$i+1]);### Debug MSGBOX 

Func _DriveMapEnum()
   Local $aNULL[1]
   Local $i   
   Local $sMap
   Local $sMapList = ""
   For $i = 68 To 90
      $sMap = DriveMapGet(Chr($i) & ":")
      If $sMap <> "" Then $sMapList = $sMapList & Chr($i) & ":*" & $sMap & "*"
   If StringRight($sMapList, 1) = "*" Then
      $sMapList = StringLeft($sMapList, StringLen($sMapList)-1)
      Return StringSplit($sMapList, "*")
      $aNULL[0] = 0
      Return $aNULL

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