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Guest steak

Hi everybody,

I am a new Autoit programmer.

I would like configure outlook with Autoit.

I have two issues.

First one, What is the command for run mail, in panel setting.

Second one, I have some users, they connect on their computer with their count Windows.

And I would like take this user's name for write this in Outlook configuration.

WinWaitActive("Configuration de la messagerie - Outlook")


WinWaitActive("Comptes de messagerie")

Send("{ENTER}" & "{TAB}" & "{TAB}" & "{TAB}" & "{SPACE}" & "{ENTER}")

Send("servermail" & "{TAB}" & "{TAB}")

I don't think I'm very clear with my english. But If you help me, thank you very much.


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You don't have to use the & as far as I know. I'm not sure what the "proper" use is, but it works without the & and it's a bit easier on the eyes and fingers. :ph34r:


Edit: Is there a French translation? I think there's a German help file right? I was going to point to the help file but I'm not sure how appropriate that is when it's not the native tongue of the help requestor.

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