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AutoIt v3 Beta [v3.0.86]

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3.0.86 (12th Jan, 2004)

Added: Enhanced boolean comparisons

Added: Send can hold keys down, e.g. Send("{a down}") will hold the A key down (only works usefully with games)

Fixed: 0 ^ 0 = 1

Fixed: on_top parameter of ProgressOn()

Fixed: No longer hanging with blank search in StringReplace()

Fixed: Asc() giving -1 in some cases

Fixed: Tray icon's tip not updating when un-pausing

Changed: Single keys of 0-9, a-z can no longer be used as hotkeys if alt,ctrl or win is NOT also used.

Changed: (Internal) FPU assembler used for advanced math (sin,cos,pow, etc) functions due to

exe size problems under VC7

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