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Help with an array

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i wrote a code to take a map from the web and find the spaces in it. the $state variable tells me what color the space was. I want to update a 2d array to put the color in as a string. Any help would be appreciated

#include <array.au3>

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

Global $pic[34][51], $state = 0

Dim $x=0,$i=0,$AnchorX=0, $AnchorY = 0


$coord = PixelSearch(422, 225, 725, 430, 0x998675, 50)

MsgBox(0, "X and Y are:", $coord[0] & "," & $coord[1])

$AnchorX= $coord[0]

$AnchorY = $coord[1]

For $i = 0 To 34 Step 1

For $x= 0 To 51 Step 1

;math to find the pixel

$GetX = ($x * 5) + $AnchorX + 3

$GetY = ($i * 5) + $AnchorY + 3

$state = PixelGetColor($GetX,$GetY)

If $state = 10061429 Then;brown

$state = "1"

ElseIf $state = 1681474 Then ;Green

$state = "2"

ElseIf $state = 16777215 Then ;White

$state = "3"

ElseIf $state = 16711680 Then ;Red

$state = "4"


MsgBox(16, "? ", "ERROR COLOR NOT RECONIZED" + $state)


$pic[$i][$x] = $state ; dosen't work



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Oldest problem in the book :whistle:

Your for loop runs to 34 and 51, but array element [34][51] does not exist. This because you gave your array 34 resp. 51 elements, so their array numbers run from 0 to 33 resp. 50. (This is called 0-based because arrays start at 0 by default.)

I would say, either decrease the for loop by one $i and $x, or increase your array dimensions to 35 and 52 so all will fit...

Google for "0-based" (INclude the quotation marks this time since otherwise google will kill the - :)

Roses are FF0000, violets are 0000FF... All my base are belong to you.

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