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7Pass is a 2ed password for your comp that chages its password everyday its not 100% secure but it works for me ok and is still needing some work fill free to edit the code and post your edited script

things todo

- make it take a note of when the comp is truned on

- make it take a note when the pass is entered wrong

- make it more secure by makeing the start menu not work and the task manger <- no idea how to do this

- any more ideas plz post them

some of my scripts check them out and give feedback so i can learn from them :)autoclicker a autoclickernote taker a script to take notes with

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Umm, the start menu and icons are handled by windows as being seperate windows so they have handles. Just get the handles an hide them with @GUI_HIDE or whatever it was. =] As to disable the task manager heres a hint, task manager is a program and comes up as a process with processlist. Also, to do the logs have it create a .log file and just edit that with plain text like:


Invalid pass entry.

Computer turned onn.

Im not sure but you maybe able to check for shutdowns by looking for shutdown.exe, killing it, logginf it, than re shutting down.

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