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Kb number to MS number

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In my environment, when we patch servers, we apply selective MS patches; and i've found it always troublesome to match it against the MS number to find out if all the required patches are in.

The script attached will use the .ini file and do the conversion.

I know there're better ways to do it, but I just whipped up this one real quick so I can start querying my servers. Currently I'm working on it to change the IniReadSection to IniRead to make the ini file easier to update. I'm also planning to use arrays so when the MS numbers are displayed, they'll be in ascending order.

Let me know what you guys think. Not sure if there's already such a script posted.

Save the part below as KBLib.ini in the Script directory to test.



MS05-001=Remote Code Execution-HTML Help and Active X-Internet Explorer 6


MS05-002=Remote Code Execution-Cursor and Icon Format-Internet Explorer


MS05-003=Indexing Service-IIS Server 5.0 and above


MS05-006=Remote Code Execution-SharePoint Services


MS05-008=Remote Code Execution-Drag and Drop Vulnerability


MS05-009=Remote Code Execution-PNG and Media Player


MS05-010=Remote Code Execution-License Logging Service


MS05-011=Remote Code Execution-Server Message Block


MS05-012=Remote Code Execution-OLE and COM Component


MS05-013=Remote Code Execution-Active X Component-DHTML


MS05-014=Cummulative Patch-IE Component


MS05-015=Remote Code Execution-Hyperlink Object Library


MS05-016=Code Execution-Windows Shell


MS05-017=Code Execution-Message Queue


MS05-018=Windows Kernel-Elevation of Privelege-DoS


MS05-019=Denial of Service-TCP Packet-Malformed Packets


MS05-020=Cummulative Patch-IE Component


MS05-024=Remote Code Execution-Web View


MS05-025=Remote Code Execution-Cumulative IE Update


MS05-026=Remote Code Execution-HTML Help


MS05-027=Remote Code Execution-SMB Protocol


MS05-028=Remote Code Execution-Web Client Service


MS05-032=Spoofing-Microsoft Agent


MS05-034=Elevation of Privilege-ISA 2000


MS05-036=Remote Code Execution- Windows Color management module


MS05-037=Remote Code Execution- - Windows - Jview Profiler


MS05-038=Remote Code Execution - IE Cummulative Patch-Remote code execution


MS05-039=Remote Code Execution - Plug and Play-Elevated to Worm:Win32/Zotob.A


MS05-040=Remote Code Execution - Telephony Service


MS05-041=Denial of Service - Remote Desktop Protocol


MS05-042=Denial of Service - Kerberos Key


MS05-043=Remote Code Execution - Printer Spooler


MS05-044=File Location Tampering - Windows FTP Client


MS05-045=Denial of Service - Network Connection Manager


MS05-046=Remote Code Execution - Client Service for Netware


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