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Alternatives To {ENTER}


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I need a little help.

I use SQLTools 1.4 to retrieve data form an Oracle database. I wrote a short AutoIt script that opens SQLTools, logs me in, lodes the correct Query and starts the whole mess running.

I setup Scheduled Tasks to run the script at 10:00PM. Everything was going great until we were required (on pain of death) to have our computers go to LOCKED Status after 15min. When the computer is in this status the Send("{ENTER}") command no longer works so my script gets to that point but does not complete the login. Is there a way I can get around this?


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...the Send("{ENTER}") command no longer works...

I think that you will find that more than just the Send("{ENTER}") fails. All of the WinActivate and WinWaitActive functions (and maybe some more) will not work on a locked system. However, WinWait should work for you... so, if that is all that you are using in your script for timing of the info to be sent, then you can try to convert all of your "Send" functions to ControlSends.


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