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How would you write the syntax for trying to launch and .cpl file in windows 98? Here is what I have, but it's not working.

Run(@WindowsDir & "\" & "control.exe " & "\" & '@WindowsDir & "\" & "System" & "\" & " desk.cpl"')

Control.exe is in the Windows directory, while the desk.cpl is in the windows\system directory.


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Run("control.exe """ & @WindowsDir & "\" & "System" & "\" & "desk.cpl""")

Though I would use @SystemDir

Run("control.exe """ & @SystemDir & "\desk.cpl""")

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Thank, I'll try that out. Is the run command not setup to handle a scenerio like that or am I just entering the syntax wrong? I'm just curious at this point.

your syntax is wrong...

put it into an editor that has syntax coloring and you would see its wrong ....

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