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MySQL access with DLL ?

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Hello all :)

Fact: :lol:

At my workplace we have a MySQL server we use with the webserver (PHP). We actually use LOT of AutoIt3 scripts to do our repetitive work. We need to be able to access the DB from the scripts.

Problem: :)

The scripts will be run on several PCs. We cannot ask the user to install anything of those PCs, so we CANNOT use the Driver as window registry is in read only mode.

The Idea: :whistle:

I was idly looking at my PHP page when an Idea struct. If php has the MySQL build-in, maybe it's using some form of DLL library to actually access the DB. I found "libmysql.dll" but no "php_mysql.dll".

Help !

Any idea ? :/ I've been trying to find a possible solution and it feels like it's right in front of my eyes and I'm too dumb to actually undestand it. :(

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Might point you in the right direction


try some searches on the forums, a lot of people have experimented with Database accessing, IMHO it is one of the final hurdles for the application, a built in set of UDFs for MySQL would be awesome.

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