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I'll just give an example of what i want to do since its hard to phrase the quesiton...

Self Extracting Zip File (SEZF.exe) is located wherever the person downloaded it to.

Ok, i made an installer to install all my scripts, so the self extracting zip file (SEZF.exe) extracts all the stuff to

Wherever it was downloaded /goods

When they run the SEZF it will extract my scripts and i want the scripts to delete the SEZF.exe so its a clean install, but i can't because they could have downloaded the SEZF anywhere. which means Delete (C:/Install/Whatever/SEZF.exe) will only work if they downloaded it to that exact spot (which is not likely)

Since the SEZF.exe is always ONE FOLDER above the scripts that will delete it is there a commands to go up one level?


FileDelete (UpOneLevel/SEZF.exe)

Is that possible? Can someone tell me a way to do that?

Thanks! :ph34r:

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FileDelete ("../SEZF.exe")

In DOS (and UNIX/Linux) using ".." means up a directory. And "." is the current directory.

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Your the man pekster! Thanks! :ph34r:

edit: oops, one more question... say they chose to extract the SEZF to a custom location?

Is it possible to tell AutoIt to search for a program and then delete it??

its not big deal, just wondering though!

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