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Well Guys,

I have decided to share this anyways. It's the only way it can get better! I'm still working with INI files. I am going to start looking at working with SQL links etc for much larger clubs. This new build has heaps of new looks about it. There are a few buttons still being developed which I'll upload as I go. I hope you guys can use it.

As requested, the source code is now included with the EXE file with the RAR package.



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Source code is included in the original post now. Cheers

I hate to whine, but I don't have a RAR tool, can do ZIPs, have not seen a free RAR tool.


[font="Verdana"]Thanks for the response.Gene[/font]Yes, I know the punctuation is not right...

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I dislike winzip I liked it at first but winrar is excellect it is way faster then winzip heres a free link


winace is ok but winrar is still better

although if you don't have a valid cd key you'll get this pop up every time you open a winrar zip file but it's not as bad as a trial winzip it makes you wait a certain duration depending on how many winzip files you have opened in the past

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Great app

smooth and easy to use.

Great job!


Old Scriptology

Visual Ping 1.8 - Mass Ping Program with export to txt delimited.

Desktop 2 RGB and YMCK - Pick a color in the desktop and get the RGB and YMCK code.

Desktop 2 RGB - Pick a color in the desktop and get the RGB code.

ShootIT 1.0 - Screen Capture full and partial screen

[font="'Arial Black';"]Remember Remember The Fifth of November.[/font]

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