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Fetch Exchange Rate from some sites and store Result


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Hello friend again here with a question that is related to some thing i do..

Well i want to create a Program which will do something like this



XE.com 1EUR = | ? | USD

Google 1EUR = | ? | USD

Yahoo 1EUR = | ? | USD

Enter Amount = ___ EUR

That will be = ____USD


Now see i want that 2 blocks | ? | to be filled with the current exchange rate that this giant search engine are showing...

http://xe.com/ this is the most means IMPORTANT



It should be refreshable and refreshing in 10min or so Also It should Record Every data which is Fetched on that time that date..

Okay now u got it what i want but HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE....

Means How can data be fetched from this sites

I will also add more site.. It doesn't matter if it takes a Little time But i want it clean, good, decent and Input capturable..

More over i will also need to collect/fetch data from Newyork Exchange, london exchange and many more. on daily basis.. I do not want it QUICKEST i am not a forex, sharemarket person but well i am truly interested in exchange rates.. so please guide me...

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Also a Example of what mean (not a perfect example but still 75% match)


QUICK EXCHANGE - Currency Conversion v1.2

Convert between all major currencies. The very latest exchange rates are fetched from the Internet.

Download LINK is on the site it is 500kb or something try to download from there coz i do not want to include exe link here

Dowload this file and view for urself You will get to know what i mean exactly Edited by Altainta
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