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Windows XP SP2 - Network Connection function


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Trying to automate the wireless configuration settings on Windows XP SP2 for WPA2 and want to be able to select the wireless adaptor "icon" (do not know what you would call it, control, or something??) on the Network Connections window. (ncpa.cpl). I found a few other scripts on here that allow me to access to Network Connections window via the Run command.

Run('"' & @WindowsDir & '\System32\rundll32.exe" shell32,Control_RunDLL ncpa.cpl)

however the next thing I would like it to do is for the script to "focus in on", select or "high-light" the Wireless Network Connection "icon". This would then allow me to perform a "Send ("^,TAB)" command to get to the properties window and then run through the rest of the wpa2 setup script. I found similar scripts that use basic SEND (RIGHT), Send (DOWN), etc commands to navigate to the wireless network connection icon however I would like to be more precise since the position of the Wireless Network Connection "icon" may not always be in the same postion. Thus right, down commands do not always work on the Network Connections window. Suggestions?

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