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Cannot delete file

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Hello experts, new to the forum.

Even with FileClose, I can't seem to delete the internet shortcut with the program running:

$gLnk = String(@DesktopDir & "test.url")

FileOpen($gLnk, 1)
FileWriteLine($gLnk, "[InternetShortcut]")
FileWriteLine($gLnk, "URL=http://www.mysite.com")


Error Deleting File or Folder

Cannot delete test.url: It is being used by another person or program

Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.

I need the program to stay open for other tasks while deleting the internet shortcut if required, but right now I can't. Edited by totaln00ber

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You need to close the returned filehandle not the name..

$gLnk = String(@DesktopDir & "test.url")

$Fh = FileOpen($gLnk, 1)

FileWriteLine($Fh, "[internetShortcut]")

FileWriteLine($Fh, "URL=http://www.mysite.com")


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