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Basic how to with keyboard shortcuts


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I'm editing a script, and wanted to change it from a GUI click to a keyboard selection. I need to know how to tell the script to click a keyboard stroke like the number "4" or "12". I was looking through the help, and all I could find was this:

$w = Number(1+2+10) ;returns 13

$x = Number("3.14") ;returns 3.14

$y = Number("24/7") ;returns 24

$z = Number("tmp3") ;returns

I don't think this will work. Any help is apriciated!

Many thanks,

Happy DOOD!!

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could be.. not totally sure what your going for..


Basically, I am changing this:

$Button1 = "AfxWnd42u23"

$Button2 = "AfxWnd42u25"

$Button3 = "AfxWnd42u25"

$Button4 = "AfxWnd42u26"

$Button5 = "AfxWnd42u27"

Which is telling it to click a button in a window

To this:

$Button1 = Send('4')

$Button2 = Send('4')

$Button3 = Send('5')

$Button4 = Send('5')

$Button5 = Send('6')

Which is (hopefully) going to tell it to enter the nubmer 4 5 or 6. Is this correct? I tried the changes, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all :whistle:

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Can you supply an example so we can understand completely what you mean?



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