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RegWrite, HKCR, and Vista....supported?


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Don''t see my keys getting written under the HKCR node.

My writes to the HKCU seem to be working though.

any code to reproduce the problem?

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for $i = 1 to $iEnabledMonitors
        regwrite("HKCR\*\Shell\" & $sAppName & " " & $i,"", "REG_SZ", "Set as display " & $i & " background...")
        regwrite("HKCR\*\Shell\" & $sAppName & " " & $i & "\command","", "REG_SZ", @ScriptFullPath & " " & $i & "=%1")

This code works fine on my XP system but when I check the registry on Vista...nada.

Here's a standalone snip

regwrite("HKCR\*\Shell\thisisatest","", "REG_SZ", "Set as display 1 background...")
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