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Just a few questions. Coordinates/Memory.


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I was just wondering if there was a program or something that told you what the coordinates of the mouse cursor are at any given time. If not, you just guess and check? :)

Also, I was just wondering... _ReadProcessMemory is autoit, correct? I am wondering how I would find out what to put as the address; I am trying to use it with the game Diablo 2, and I was wondering how to figure out the address.

Thanks. :whistle:

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Thank you for the quick response. :)

Now, is there any way to find out how to get what memory I should look for for what I want to do? :\

No idea what you want to do... :whistle:

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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What I want to do is get data from my game that is running using memory (it looks like 0x10180180) or something, I'm trying to find out how I would go about finding what the 0x00000000 number would be.

Or if I would be able to autoit packetsend / receive. :whistle:

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Eh, I get your hint, but it isn't for cheating. :whistle:

It's for calculating experience % to next level, hehe.

But I got it. :)

lol, I use it for cheating haha, but I only play the game in the first place to hack it with things like this. So there is my justification. It has a nice tutorial on the prog, walk through that and you will know all you need to know on how to use it, cant figure it out and you shouldn't be using it basically.
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Okay. Anyways, I have another GUI problem, hehe.

I have an input box

$input = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 75, 240, 100, 25)

And whenever I hit the button (it submits and has an OnEvent like it should), I have:

MsgBox(0, "Submission", "You have submitted: " & $input & "!")

But every time the message box has it as "You have submitted: 5!"

I don't understand why?

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