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Making Action based on .WAV sound played

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I've been working on a little script thats been killing me, and I need some help. I'm trying to tell windows that when this AVI file runs, to click a button (In this instance the F5 Button). The program should loop and wait until it fills the "Audio 1" control with 1 and then push F5. It seems to be constantly pushing F5 even if the audio doesn't play. I'm thinking I may have to change the IsVisible to something else, but I'm not sure what.


Global $tablename = "Connected to"


While WinExists($tablename)

$Audio1 = ControlCommand($tablename, "", "C:\Program Files\Program112\snd\Fold_(male).wav", "IsVisible", "");

if $Audio1 = 1 Then




Eventually, I want several variables with several different keystrokes involved. This is just the beginning, once I get past this hurdle, I have more work to do :whistle:

Thanks in advance!

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