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Icon is not transparent on background pic

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on my GUI there is a jpg as background.

This is created with $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS and after that i disabled it with $GUI_DISABLE.

An icon is placed directly on the pic, too. It shows an electric bulb. The area that surrounds the bulb to fill out the square, that icon's normally have is the transparent part. But it's not transparent, because it interferes with the background picture.

Is there a workaround, so i can see the part of the background picture, which is behind the transparent part around the bulb?

An axample with all files needed is attached.


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seeing as no one has chimed in yet i think from all my exploring over the last few days that it's not possible for icons, but i could be wrong too. just havent seen anything on making them transparent.

now if you are able to convert them to gif then there would be a solution for you :whistle: let me know if you need help with that.

btw $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS is an option for the $guicreate, not for a $guicreatepic.


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