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runwait function

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i have create 2 autoit script

in the first i have the line:



i run the first script

then the pc reboot and it runs automatically the second script (clone.exe)

the second script (clone.exe) contains:

$FICHMODELE = FileOpen("C:\temp\clone\ipstation.txt",0)


the ipmodif.bat file:

for /F "eol=, tokens=1,2,3 delims=;" %%i in (ipstation.txt) do netsh interface ip set address "lan" static %%i %%j %%k 1

when i run manually clone.exe, it work's

if i run the first script, the second script runs automatically but it doesn't work

i think that the problem becomes with the registry key in the first script

any suggestions


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i have find the solution

i don't use the regedit's entry

i just put this line in my first script:

FileCopy("C:\temp\clone\clone.lnk", "C:\Documents and Settings\Install\Menu Démarrer\Programmes\Démarrage", 1)

it works very well :whistle:


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