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Program that needs help!

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My job requires me everyday to extract files from a folder and all the files should be of tml dates. Example..if today is 2 Mar..i need to extract files from 3 Mar..but dun worry, the files are already there le..i juz need a program that can always calculate the date one day after current day. But i also dun know how to use the IF and THEN command..quite blur. For i run notepad and press F5, its gives me the time and date of today. I am figuring out how can i add one day to today so i can extract the files from 3 Mar. Can u help me type this program??..i know its kind of ridiculious to ask u to type this program for me. But if u let me see this program..i guess i will be able to do the rest of my job le..juz let me have a start with ur written program. can??..THANKS A LOT!! :whistle: PLEASE HELP ME!!

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First things first, seeing as you are obviously new:

Read the TUTORIALS section of the helpfile (do every tutorial in it by hand.. type them out, dont just copy and paste)

Once you have the hang of those, play with each of these:

Have a look in the helpfile for auto IT,

Look at the Date Management functions in the User defined functions section


Other areas to look:

String Management (in the UDFs and Standard sections)

Math Functions - for adding + 1

File Management - for reading the file you have the data in

Loops - Handy for everything

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