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Hmm, what is used to hold long strings?


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I am not at home at the moment, so I do not have the code, but I am wondering what variable type or what to write as the variable code or something for a variable that is going to hold a lot of text (maybe 200+?). It will also haev special characters such as hyphens (-) and percent signs (%).

I was using FileReadLine and stored it as a variable and showed it in my GUI List like

<-- using that --

But it dislpays the line, and cuts off so I have to drag the bar over to the right. Except, when I start dragging the bar, it does not show more of the text, it just makes the text disappear!

Help! :whistle:

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As per the FAQ:


15. What are the current technical limits of AutoIt v3?

Here are details of the current technical limits of AutoIt. Please note that some of the limits are theoretical and you may run into performance or memory related problems before you reach the actual limit.

Maximum length of a single script line: 4,095

Maximum string length: 2,147,483,647 characters

Number range (floating point): 1.7E–308 to 1.7E+308 with 15-digit precision

Number range (integers): 64-bit signed integer

Hexadecimal numbers: 32-bit signed integer (0x80000000 to 0x7FFFFFFF)

Arrays: A maximum of 64 dimensions and/or a total of 16 million elements

Maximum depth of recursive function calls: 384 levels

Simultaneous open files: 64

Simultaneous active HotKeys: 64

Maximum number of variables in use at one time: No limit

Maximum number of user defined functions: No limit

Maximum number of GUI windows: 1024

Maximum number of GUI controls per window: 4096

So you've got some room to work with there. So it sounds like there might be a problem with your GUI. Post the code here when you get back home. :whistle:

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Ooh, did a little research, looks like a limitation on Windows' Listview control:


Why the length of the text of listview item is limited to 259 character is

because that the listview is design for display collection of objects like

files and not for general purpose control. So it is similar to the filename

length limitation in the windows file system's MAX_PATH.

So you are going to need to use something else to display your data.

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