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Stringsplit And Multiple Delimiters

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I'm attempting to use StringSplit on a line such as "z:\\TMG93\techelp\H22562", however I need to be able to split the string after the \\ and the first \. I've tried the command $drives = StringSplit($line, "\\\"), but it splits the string exactly the same as $drives = StringSplit($line, "\\"). Is there any way of specifying multiple delimiters in a case such as this?



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StringSplit supports multiple single-char delimiters, but it does not support multi-char delimiters..... (The help file remarks and example for StringSplit should make some mention of this, but it's easy to overlook)

You would need to first replace the "\\" with a single character such as * or ? or | or any other character guarranteed to not appear in a file name.

$line = StringReplace("z:\\TMG93\techelp\H22562", "\\", "?")
$drives = StringSplit($line, "\?");multiple single-char separators

or you could combine the StringReplace and StringSplit

and I think you could simply replace \\ with \

$drives = StringSplit(StringReplace("z:\\TMG93\techelp\H22562", "\\", "\"), "\")

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You could do it this way

$I = "z:\\TMG93\techelp\H22562"
$S = StringTrimLeft($I,StringInStr($i,"\\")+1)
$S = StringLeft($S,StringInStr($s,"\")-1)

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