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BuildingIn Clipboard Script - Memory Read/Write based

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first of all i would like to say... Hi! ^^

ok, now here is a bit of informations.

what i'm trying to do is a "simple" clipboard script builded into a game in which copy/paste stuff is disabled.

at the first time i did one succesfully based on "HotKeySet" and "Send" functions but in case "Send" function and "SendKeyDelay" / "SendKeyDownDelay" options are working pretty fast with windows applications, FPS rate in games is slowing down "send" function so much that im not satisfied of it anymore.

need something a bit faster, im full of hope memory read/write functions could be solution which im looking for.

i'm not so fresh on this board as you think, ive read and learned lot of stuff (thanks to you guys), ive read some topics threathing about mem functions but i stuck and need your help.

here is couple of screenshots.

pic. 1

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

what you can see on pic.1 and pic.2 is the chatting console in my game. i've found that anything i type there is beeing readed by game engine function located at mem address 0x0045664f and 0x00457b7f (always the same address). as you probadly already know, my problem is the moving pointer value. each time i start new game, or when i do relog pointer value is changed.

is there anything i can do about?

how can i predict location or even search for moving pointer with out running cheat engine?

thanks in advice, regards.

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